Native American Schools and Colleges

Native American colleges are recognized as being a class of post-secondary educational institutions primarily serving American Indian minorities throughout the USA.

Most of the colleges we list in this classification offer associates degrees, while 17 of them offer Bachelor's degrees, and 6 of them offer Master's degrees. Currently, we do not list any Native American schools that award Doctoral Degrees.

Many of these schools are located in rural areas, either within or near tribal reservations. Because of this, the curriculum taught at these institutions usually icludes American Indian culture and tradition.

Several of these schools have implemented credit transfer agreements with associated state universities. This is a very convenient option for many students, because most Native American colleges do not offer four year degrees.

Under these circumstances, a student has the option of transferring their two-year degree to a four-year university and receive junior status upon entry.

The attendance figures for these schools has seen a dramatic increase in the last 25 years, with total enrollment over 30,000 American Indian and non-American Indian students.

We currently list 36 Native American colleges in fourteen states throughout the US.

Largest Native American Colleges

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